Hello World

Dear World, dear Visitor,

if you read this, you probably clicked on a link that either suggested or otherwise advertised for this page.
Therefore: Welcome to my weird world. :)

From here on out you will have to endure my rambling about random topics – as the name of this site would suggest.

Though, this page is not just for getting thoughts out of my head and annoying the world with it.
It also is a chance for me to enhance my English skills.

Throughout the site you will find stories and other written work by me.
As I am native German some of them will be in my mother’s tongue.

In addition to that you will find reviews for concerts/festivals/conventions I’ve been at or series/movies I’ve watched or books/stuff I’ve read.
I also have some ideas for several things that might be added some day.
Some include voice recordings of some kind, like talks about mythical stories or other random topics.

And of course my random posts every now and then.

If you feel like commenting I am grateful for every comment, be it positive or negative.
If what you write gives me a chance for a reply I would like to answer or ask questions regarding your posts so, please include an e-mail address/use an account where my reply could reach you – or look if you are among the chosen ones that get one.
However, if they sound like Spam to me, I’ll just delete them.

This page is static, so if you want to look into my posts please use the menu on the right side and the one above.

Take a look around and maybe you find something interesting. :)


P.S. I am also on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Goodreads and Bloglovin

One comment on “Hello World

  1. Ich hab dich getaggt. Vielleicht magst du ja auch mit machen. Hier gibt’s die Infos: http://darkfairyssenf.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/ich-wurde-entdeckt-ohm-getaggt/


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