Bad Wolf Day 2014

As I just noticed – through increased clicks on the post – today is again Bad Wolf Day, so have a look at my post from last year.

I do not participate this year – as I just noticed it – and am not really sure if it even is today or now officially on the 11th as I haven’t read anything about it, but I thought a reblog could still be interesting to some.

If you’re interested: I haven’t had any replies from the papers I’ve “hidden”.

Random PoiSon

Happy Bad Wolf Day everyone! 🙂

Or as happy as this day can be seeing what it is about.

But what is Bad Wolf Day?

Bad Wolf Day is a fan-celebration for the British television show Doctor Who.
In case you REALLY don’t know what that is:
Doctor Who centers around a time traveling alien being called The Doctor.
Usually The Doctor travels with one or more companions, mostly humans, to whom he shows the vastness of the universe. Their adventures are shown to the television audience since 1963 (with a break from 1989 until the reboot in 2005, plus a movie in 1996), this year having its 50th anniversary.
One of his many companions was Rose Tyler, a normal 19 year old girl from London 2005.
He meets her in his Ninth incarnation (he is a Time Lord, therefore he has the convenient ability to “regenerate”…

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