Santa’s Helper

You know when I said, the next post will be the review? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I also said “probably”. 😀
Sometime earlier this year I started playing a silly online game and they currently have an option where you send other players little gifts with random game items and if you want a small message. Another player and I decided to send them to each other on a daily basis and at some point she added the message “BOOM!” and my brain went: Let’s turn this into a story!
I hate my brain sometimes…even if I like what came out of it. 😀

Anyway, here is the story that I created, have fun reading it:

Santa’s Helper


“What’s that noise?” She wonders turning her head around and putting down the book she was reading.
It seemed to come from outside and for a moment she wondered whether she should check out what it is or rather what it had been, as it seemed to have stopped. Hesitantly she gets up from her armchair and walks over to her window. Slowly she draws the curtain to the side, but only far enough to peek outside. The light behind her paints a fine line onto her snowy lawn and she knows, whatever is out there, might notice that she is watching. Suddenly afraid she shuts the curtains again and takes a step away from the window.

Still, her curiosity is not satisfied so she hurries to turn out the lights, except for the fairy lights, and returns to the window, slowly opening the curtains. Looking outside she turns her head to each side. On her left she sees nothing. To her right she sees a sleigh standing on the white lawn. It’s painted red and green with black borders accenting it. In the back she sees a large, tightly tied sack; different shapes sticking out of its side every which way. She looks down and sees black reins lying in the snow at the foot of the sleigh. Following them she sees a couple of reindeer pawing the snow nervously; their heads with the large antlers turning from side to side. She blinks a few times not believing what she is seeing before her.

Without warning she hears the loud noise again. Startled she jumps away from the window. Peeking over the windowsill she gives it another try. The white snow now had streaks of black behind the sleigh and looking up she notices an exhaust pipe beneath it. She frowns; a sleigh with an engine?
Suddenly a burly man dressed in brownish red robes appears behind the rear end of the sleigh and kicks the pipe, a grumpy look on his face. For a moment he just stares in turn at it and the large sack, eventually he sighs visibly; his whole frame shaking. Slightly concerned and still curious she rises up a bit higher. The man taps his foot impatiently and crosses his arms. Unexpectedly his gaze lands on the window and their eyes meet. His frown turns into a bright smile and all she can do is stare back at him. For just a second she closes her eyes and when she opens them again, he is gone.

She stands up straight and presses her head against the window to see where the man had gone.
“Ho ho ho” She suddenly hears from behind. Startled she bumps her head against the glass and turns around.
There he was, standing in her living room, beaming at her with a big grin.
She stands agape not knowing what to say, slight pain pulsing in her temple.
“Do you happen to have a bottle brush or something akin to it?” He asks her.
Still, not quite understanding the situation she looks him up and down. He looks a lot younger than she expected; his full beard not even remotely white. The hair looking out beneath the green beany was of a deep brown, as were his eyes that seemed to glow with joy and fear alike. Her eyes land on his black boots and the small puddle that had already formed around them. Her eyes widen.
“My floor!” She yells at him.
“Ah, sorry about that”, he simply apologizes, lifting a heavy boot. “So, do you have a bottle brush?” He changes the topic, urgency in his voice.
“But…”, she starts, her brows furrowed.
“I don’t have a bottle brush”, she finally says still looking at his wet boots.

“Well, that is unfortunate…”, he replies sadly and sighs.
“But I have a chimney broom”, she adds reluctantly.
“Brilliant!” He beams. “Could I borrow it?”
“If you stop ruining my floor…” she agrees more grumpily than would have been necessary.
“Of course, thank you, oh, so much”, he replies.
With a nod she walks over to her chimney and grabs the instrument. “Here you go, now get out of my living room!” She scolds.
“As you wish”, he accepts with a booming laugh.
She leaves to get her cleaning supplies, when she returns with mop and bowl in hand he is gone again, as is the puddle. “Seriously?!” She exclaims, drops the supplies and runs to the window.

Outside she sees him kneeling behind the sleigh and thrusting the broom into the exhaust pipe.
Eventually she opens the window and calls out: “Why does the sleigh have an engine anyway?”
He looks up, grins at her and simply explains: “It helps the reindeer when the wind is too heavy.”
She snorts at that and can’t help the grin spreading across her face.

After he is done he puts the broom on the ground and goes around the sleigh. Shortly afterwards he tries to start the engine again. This time no ‘Boom’ is heard and grey smoke evenly rises from the pipe before the engine is turned off again.
Without a sound he appears in front of the window: “Would you mind if I kept the broom until tomorrow?”, and adds nodding towards the sack. “I promise to bring it back when I’m done”
She looks at him and at the sleigh, then sighs. “Okay”, she gives in.
“You have my deepest gratitude”
“Yeah. Good luck, I guess”, she only agrees, nodding towards the sleigh.
“Thank you and Merry Christmas” He grins.
“Merry Christmas”, she replies with a smile as he returns to the sleigh and urges the reindeer into a trot.
She watches as they run faster and faster down the road and eventually set off into the sky. She grins. No one will ever believe her.
After a while she closes the window and returns inside.

The next morning, leaning against the table beneath her small Christmas tree stood the broom and at its feet a small gift. Tied to the staff of the broom is a small card that reads: “Thank you, Nicholas.”
Curiously she unwraps the present and inside she finds her favourite childhood book that she had lost long ago and was never able to get a hold of again; until now.
“You’re welcome, Santa”, she murmurs, smiling brightly.

Hope you had a great Christmas!

All the best


P.S. The story I finished last Christmas was way worse than this…and had nothing to do with Christmas. >_<

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