Bye Bye Blog

It is time I change something and NO! I will not stop blogging BUT! and this is a big but.

This blog will soon no longer be working!

I moved everything to a new, privately hosted page and it is now save and sound under a protective umbrella*

And yes as you can see there, this is my new address:

Still have a few things to do, to make it a fully functioning page, but so far everything important is there and works and the Märchensommer can start as planned …

So please update your Readers to include the new page, so you won’t be missing any new posts as this blog WILL BE CLOSED SOON!

Sorry for the short notice, but this really was a spur of the moment decision!

See you on the other side


* I’ve been trying REALLY HARD not to put a Gotham reference in here … but well, there you have it …