Short Stories (German)

The short stories below this topics are mostly written for competitions for anthologies – collections of short stories.
Though there are also those, that I simply wrote because I liked the idea:

Available stories as separate pages:

Augen – A story about the owlman of Cornwall
Das geheime Leben einer Entertaste – An enter button talks about his life on the keyboard.
Wissen ist Macht – A story about a group of guys finding the tree of knowledge.
Sand der Zeit – This is about a man that has a premonition and finds his destiny in the desert sands.
Weltenbaum – Two stories about the world tree and the inhabitants of the different realms he is enclosing.

<to be continued>

Available stories as posts:

Das alte Spiel – A Clue Writing Story, about a group of people bonding over a game of dice.
Adventskalender-Geschichten – The stories from my Advent Calendar 2014 (including a PDF version with all stories)
Das Geheimnis der Hundesitterin – A story for the second Clue Writing Blog-Parade, where the secret of a Dog Sitter is discovered.
Das abenteuerliche Leben von Stan dem Wüstenkaktus – A story based on a title DarkFairy gave me.
Ein neuer Tag – A village mourns the loss of it’s leader and celebrates his memory.

<to be continued>


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